Eliminates the Doubt in Electrostatic Protection

Nicap conductive dustcaps are specifically designed to meet the stringent requirements of electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection while providing mechanical and chemical protection to the internal surfaces of today's electronic packaging.

Protect your investment in the handling of these sensitive semiconductor devices inside assembled packages and electronic boxes. Even a small discharge during handling between workstations could destroy critical circuitry.

Nicap parts are permanently marked with a bright yellow antistatic compliant to either EIA Standard RS471 or Mil Standard 1686 and pass the stringent Legibility Requirements for permanency. This assures the use and reuse of a cap that meets your electrostatic needs. The Nicap indicates positively that the material used for your part is conductive after it gets out onto the production line or into field service.

Nicap currently supplies many designs for standard connector interfaces, with custom designs also available upon request.

Testing Passed
Resitivity Passed Requirement Fluids Resistance Testing
DOD-STD-1686 1 x 10^5 ohm/cm BMS3-11 - Spec
BAC-5485 1 x 10^5 ohm/cm Isopropyl Alcohol -TT-I-735
IS-5-A 1 x 10^5 ohm/sq. Lubricating Oil - Mil-L-23699
ASTM D-991 1 x 10^5 ohm/cm Lubricating Oil - Mil-L-7808
ASTM D-257-78 1 x 10^5 ohm/cm Fuel-JP4/5 - Mil-5624
DOD-HDBK-263, par.   Hydraulic Fluid - Mil-H-5606
Static Decay    
FED-STD-101B Less than 2.0 seconds  
Method 4046    


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